It’s ‘Good to Hear’ us on the radio!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new radio campaign on WHTT 104.1 FM.  In addition to advertising on a new station, we also have a new series of commercials airing that  feature our wide array of programs and services.

We have also re-launched our television campaign on WGRZ – Channel 2!  In addition to highlighting the stories of our patients, John and Nanette, we have added a commercial about Missy from Youngstown, and her beautiful journey of enjoying life again!  We would like to once again thank John, Nanette and Missy for their help with our campaign, and letting Western New York know that – It’s Good to Hear!

Dr. Jill Bernstein- WNY Living – May 14, 2018

HES’ Dr. Jill Bernstein was a featured guest on WNY Living to discuss Tinnitus, the debilitating condition of “ringing in the ears” or the perception of sound heard in the ears or head that is not actually present in the environment (buzzing, hissing, etc.).  Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo is the only audiology practice in WNY that has four Certified Tinnitus Specialists that are here to help patients manage their symptoms, and improve their quality of life.

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