Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aid specialist handing over hearing aids to their patient after being repaired

Servicing Hearing Aids

We work with all the major hearing aid manufacturers, which allows us to service and repair a wide range of devices, including hearing aids that were not purchased at HES.

We are happy to help anyone who has hearing aids from other audiology practices as well as from retail locations or over-the-counter (OTC) devices.

We can verify the settings of all hearing aids to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit for your hearing loss needs. Verifying hearing aids is the best practice but only 35% of hearing care providers consistently perform this test. At HES, we verify the settings for every hearing aid fitting and after every updated hearing evaluation.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We can also perform many minor hearing aid repairs right in our office. If your device requires more extensive repairs, we can offer loaner devices so you don’t have to struggle to hear while you wait for your hearing aid to be repaired.

We can handle hearing aid repairs at any of our office locations. Some common hearing aid repairs we see that can easily be addressed in office include:

If you have any kind of problem with your hearing aid, call us. We can help!

Hearing Aid Cleanings

In addition to bringing your hearing aids in whenever they need to be repaired, it is also important to bring your devices in every six months for a professional cleaning. Having your hearing aids cleaned regularly will ensure they provide you with better hearing for many years to come. The better you take care of your hearing aids also means the less repairs they will need.

The audiologists at Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo can expertly clean your hearing aids, make adjustments and repairs, and ensure you are hearing your best!