Insurance & Financing

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Insurance and Financing

Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo is a participating provider with most major medical insurance carriers.  Diagnostic audiological tests are covered by most insurance companies. Our office staff will let you know if your insurance company requires a script or referral for your evaluation.

We have an incredibly knowledgeable Insurance Specialist who will be able to explain the different insurance plans and lend guidance regarding your specific coverage.

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Hearing Evaluation Services partners with Wells Fargo Health Advantage® credit card* to offer an easy and convenient way to pay for your new hearing treatment plan. We offer the same as cash option of 0% (interest free) financing for 12-months. Plus, as a Wells Fargo Health Advantage® cardholder, you can enjoy other great benefits throughout the year, such as:

*The Wells Fargo Health Advantage® credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. with approved credit.

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Insurance FAQs

Nearly all insurances cover baseline hearing tests with no minimum age requirement. Other diagnostic tests are typically covered as well, including balance or dizziness tests or more extensive hearing testing, if necessary. There are also several different ways that insurance plans support your hearing health. It all depends on your insurance program and your audiologist will review your benefit with you if you have one.

There are a wide variety of programs for hearing aids, depending on the individual insurance company and specific insurance policy. Some companies allocate a certain amount they will contribute towards hearing aids. Others participate in hearing aid discount programs, but unfortunately, these programs can be extremely limiting in the type of device a patient can receive with very limited choices. Many patients will also use their flex dollars towards their hearing aids or use it to upgrade to a more advanced device than what their insurance covers.

A hearing aid benefit is money paid by the insurance company to pay all or part of the cost of any hearing aid the patient chooses. It is similar to how insurance companies cover the costs of eyeglasses. A hearing aid discount program gives the patient access to hearing aids at a reduced price that the patient pays for entirely. The insurance company pays nothing. These discount programs often have a very list of locations that participate, a limited selection of available hearing aids, and limited services included.

Yes! Flex dollars can be used towards hearing devices and any custom ear mold offered through Hearing Evaluation Services. Many patients use this as a way to upgrade from their basic insurance contribution to get a hearing device with some of the newest technological features – such as Bluetooth connectivity, functional smartphone apps, and rechargeable batteries.

Unfortunately, some people think that access to discounted hearing aids is the same as an insurance benefit. It’s not. Since the insurance company does not contribute to the cost of the hearing aids, the patient pays the whole bill. Additionally, many of these plans limit where patients can go to get their hearing aids and their choices in hearing aid model and performance is limited to what was chosen as part of the discount program. The services you can expect like prompt appointments for problems, loaner devices when needed, and even the recommended best practice for how hearing aids are programmed are not features of these discount programs. When you come to HES, we have the ability to offer you the absolute best hearing aid treatment plan for your specific needs and budge, without limitations from an outside party. There is no need for a “discount program” when you come to HES. As a nonprofit practice we offer solutions for every budget.

Ask the Insurance Specialist

Confused about your hearing benefits? Have a question about your insurance coverage or if we accept your health insurance? Please fill out the form below and our knowledgeable Insurance Specialists will reach out to you with answers. 

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