Hearing Aid Care Center

Hearing Aid Care Center



How to Videos

Not sure how to perform some simple maintenance techniques on your hearing aids? Check out our educational videos designed to help you take optimal care of your hearing aids. We understand your hearing aids are essential to your daily life, and proper maintenance is key to ensure they perform their best. Whether you’re a new hearing aid wearer or have been wearing aids for years, these informative videos will guide you through essential steps to keep your hearing aids in great condition.

Learn how to clean, change the battery, troubleshoot, and take care of your hearing aids, so you can enjoy clear sound and uninterrupted communication. Your hearing health is our top priority, and these videos are here to support you every step of the way.

Learn how to use a blower tool to remove moisture build-up in the hearing aid tubing.

Learn how to use a battery tester to check the life of your batteries.

How to use Oticon ‘No Wax’ Wax Guard System with easy step by steps.

Don’t see the video you need? Contact us and one of our doctors of audiology can walk you through how to troubleshoot your hearing aids.