Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing Evaluation Services (HES) is committed to both improving and preventing hearing loss. We offer a wide range of custom ear molds to help you protect your hearing in a variety of diverse environments. We can also create custom ear pieces for “unique” hearing needs like coaches ear monitoring systems, newscaster monitoring systems, and much more!
Man getting custom hearing protecction at a local hearing center

Custom Hearing Protection

Excessively loud noise exposure (85 decibels or more) is one of the leading causes of hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) in people of all ages. Custom ear molds can be used to reduce the detrimental effects that loud noise has on your hearing, as well as provide protection from noise-induced hearing loss. Custom hearing protection can be used for industrial noise protection, or to cut down on noise from motor sports, loud music, and other recreational activities. A custom fit will ensure comfortable use and the optimum fit and protection.
Man wearing swimming ear plugs before swimming

Custom Swim Molds

Swim molds are the perfect solution for anyone with pressure equalization tubes or chronic ear disease who must keep water out of their ears to avoid ear infections. They also help keep uncomfortable water out of the ear for those who enjoy swimming for exercise. Custom swim molds provide a tight but comfortable fit that helps prevent water from getting into the ear. They are designed to float and you can really show your creativity with either discreet or bold color options.
Woman singing in a band wearing musician’s ear molds to protect her ears

Custom Musician’s Ear Molds

Custom musicians ear molds replicate the natural response of the ear canal to maintain the same quality as the original sound, but quieter. Musicians practice and perform in various settings where they are exposed to high levels of sound, typically for long periods of time, which can cause permanent hearing loss. Musicians require different amounts of protection depending on the sound levels they encounter during rehearsals and performances. Therefore, custom musician’s ear molds come with different filters for different amounts of noise reduction. Where conventional ear plugs muffle speech and music, musicians ear molds maintain the integrity of the music and provide natural sound at a safe listening level.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start taking care of your hearing health! Schedule an appointment to be fit with custom hearing protection and start being proactive of your hearing.