Tinnitus Management

Woman speaking with an audiologist at a tinnitus management program

Tinnitus Management

Our Doctors of Audiology are certified by the Tinnitus Practitioners Association and the American Board of Audiology and can help design the right plan for you to successfully manage your tinnitus.
Additionally, HES is deeply entrenched in Buffalo’s Medical Community. Our audiologists work directly with area neurologists and otolaryngologists to provide hearing, tinnitus, and balance services.

The tinnitus program at HES is built off of years of tinnitus treatment research conducted locally and worldwide. Our certified tinnitus specialist audiologists use the most current methods to assess each individual’s unique experience with tinnitus and develop a personalized management plan. We use a multifaceted approach to address all areas that contribute to tinnitus perception. 

Tinnitus Management Programs

Our research-back audiologist-led tinnitus management program combines:

An easy way to learn more about our Tinnitus Program and its success rates is to attend our free Tinnitus Group Educational Sessions, held monthly. Come meet our Tinnitus Specialists and talk to others who are suffering from tinnitus.

Lenire Tinnitus Technology

We are excited to offer Lenire, a groundbreaking tinnitus treatment devices approved by the U.S. FDA. The treatment uses bimodal neuromodulation to weaken tinnitus pathways in the brain and soothe tinnitus.

Are you experiencing tinnitus? Contact our office today to schedule a tinnitus assessment.